Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum, Arreton, Isle of Wight

The Museum

The Shipwreck and Maritime Museum was founded in 1978, and had been an ambition of the owner, Martin Woodward, since he first started diving on shipwrecks in the 1960s. Martin, a professional diver by trade, has amassed a huge collection of artefacts personally recovered by him from under the sea, and he is still actively diving on wrecks and archaeological projects worldwide.
Often asked why he had accumulated such a large amount of undersea treasures, his reply has always been the same. Basically, he felt a moral obligation to keep the collection together, as it is such an important part of our underwater and maritime heritage.
He has personally recovered the majority of the collection from waters around the Isle of Wight, although some artefacts are from other locations both in UK and overseas.

Many sad and tragic stories of shipwreck and loss of life are told in the displays, including famous wrecks such as the SS “Mendi”, and the mystery of the missing submarine HMS”Swordfish”, (found by Martin in 1983). Famous local shipwreck stories such as the “Clarendon” and “Sirenia” are also to be found in the displays. Literally thousands of treasures and artefacts are on display in the museum complex..

The museum is presently open from Easter to the end of October each year 10.30am to 4.30pm.
There is also a large giftshop named "Mallishags".

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