N E L S O N   C A T A M A R A N S
Offshore Marine Services

The Nelson Catamarans are a range of wide beamed working craft designed as general purpose workboats for use in inshore waters.

Designed by TT Boat Designs, the first of class was built for Offshore Marine Services (left) and is used as a diving and marine salvage craft.

The Catamaran is available in two overall lengths: 13m and 14m, and a wide variety of propulsion systems.

· heavy duty GRP construction · spacious decks
· raised spacious survey cabin · clear engine access
· waterjet manoeuvrability · easy towing
· precise directional stability · segregated accommodation
· stable platform · all round visibility
· minimum crew · takes the ground level
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The Nelson 44 Catamaran is tailored for use as a passenger ferry, designed for operation in coastal waters, rivers, estuaries or lakes.

The twin round bilge hulls designed by TT Boat Designs, incorporate the latest Nelson features to maximise seakeeping and to minimise slamming into waves. The heavy duty GRP construction is to Lloyds requirements.

The beam is variable, although the recommended standard beam is 5.79m (19ft).


· round bilge twin hulls · wide spacious decks
· built in spray rail · open back deckhouse
·semi-tunnels to reduce draught · raised control position
· built in bulwarks · dual station operation
· keel band · passenger access gates
· propeller protection ·complies with latest UK safety
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The Nelson Hydrographic Catamaran is designed for use as a spacious working survey vessel to operate in coastal waters, rivers, estuaries or lakes.

The twin large bodied round bilge hulls provide the stable platform on which sophisticated electronic survey equipment can be mounted.

The deckhouse is constructed in aluminium alloy, enabling it to be precisely tailored to the hydrographer's layout and configuration requirements.

The Nelson Catamaran can take the ground level, which is a significant benefit over a monohull.

· proven round bilge hulls · large stable platform
· heavy duty GRP hull construction · excellent seakeeping
· twin marine diesels · high payload capacity
· variable beam · up to 25 Knots
· onboard accommodation · outstanding manoeuvrability
· propeller, sterndrive or waterjet
· built in spray rail
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